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Cultural exhibitions, festivals, and many other events in Petriolo
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Held to their own roots, the obstinate members of the local community strive to preserve the cultural heritage of Petriolo. Ancient traditions delineating the society and the folklore of this authentic village. Here’s our selection for you!

The Procession on the Holy Tuesday

During Easter holidays, on the last days of the Lent, the old town hosts the historical eucharistical procession on the Holy Tuesday.
Santissimo Sacramento Brotherhood has handled the organization of the procession for centuries, celebrating the sacred festivity in the Sanctuary of Madonna della Misericordia.

St Mark festival and historical fair

Every year, on April 25th, in addition to the Liberation Day, Petriolo celebrates St Mark, one of its protector. On that day shops are open and the old own hosts a fair.

St Martin festival and historical fair


St Martin’s festival, patron saint of Petriolo, is celebrated every year on November 11th. It is structured in two different moments: the religious celebrations (on November 11th), shop openings and fair in the old town (on the following Sunday).

“Lu pruì de Sa Martì”

This event belongs to the rituals used to celebrate St Martin, the patron saint of Petriolo. What does “lu pruì” mean? It is a vernacular word having different meanings, but the festive mood gathers them all. The first meaning is about the hole placed on the top of a barrel, where to look to check if it is full. The other meaning is close to the word spy, or sentry. Moreover, it is known that when families cooked big quantities of cakes and bakery products for special occasions, they were used to bake a test dose. It was instantly eaten, and maybe it was called “pruì”.
This festival is about eating cooked chestnuts, vin brulé (a sort of cooked wine), red wine, white wine, mulled wine, typical cakes and two traditional receipts: “li frascarelli” and “vincinsgrassi”. Enogastronomy, live music performances and culture mix in specific events, each one about the discovery of the ancient popular traditions.

Petriolo’s “Cantamaggio”

“Cantamaggio”, together with “Pasquella”, “Passiò” and “Scacciamarzo” are the most renowned among the ritualistic songs of this land. Those propitiatory folk songs has been played for centuries by folk musicians and singers. They used to bring (and they still bring!) door to door the wishes for the well-being of the local community and for the new agricultural season, following a specific ceremonial.
The desire to re-experience the “Cantamaggio” is still strong in Petriolo. The folk singers go door to door asking the permission to perform. They bring prosperity wishes, asking for something to eat and drink, to keep the culture of hospitality
For that reason, every year, on this special day in May, the hamlet is animated by bands playing folk music came from many areas of Le Marche. Playing and dancing, they stroll through the old town alleys and in the countryside, bringing families joy and cheerfulness with folk songs and barrel organs.

Outdoor cinema

The outdoor cinema takes place in Piazza San Martino in July and in August.

There, you can watch films of different genres in a unique setting.