Sports and nature

Sorrounded by the greenery of Marca Maceratese’s natural heritage, Petriolo’s territory is perfect for: trekking, nordic walking and amazing mountain bike trails.


Walking on two wheels, you can immerse yourself in the hikes created to discover the hamlet, its territory and the gentleness of Le Marche’s hills…until the Abbey of Fiastra

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Discover Petriolo


The beautiful hills surrounding Petriolo create the perfect setting for mountain bike rides.


The numerous trails across fields, meadows and woods fit perfectly to all those who love riding in nature, breathing its scents, and to sport lovers as well.

There are many cycling routes in Petriolo’s territory, such as MACERATA REBIRTH – SECOND RING (visit the website www.marcheoutdoor.it for further information).

Find further information about cycling routes in Petriolo in the multilingual travel guide at the following link: Pedalando nell’Alto Maceratese.


Petriolo’s territory stretches upon the natural wonders of the valleys, Valle del Fiastra and Valle del Cremone. A lush countryside, where the balance between humans and natural world is still respected and preserved.

You don’t have to be fond of this sports to enjoy the beauties lying in this territory. Even a stroll can bring you to the little corners of breathtaking landscapes, immersed in a quite nature, in perfect harmony with the local community.

Among all the routes, the one crossing Valle del Fiastra is one of the most suggestive.

Petriolo – Abbadia di Fiastra

Start from the evocative viewpoint in Piazza San Martino, then go along in Via Roma.

Leave the residential area to approach countryside along Via dei Sabbioni. Turn left in Via San Marco, until the entrance to the Nature Reserve of the Abbey of Fiastra.

Find there the Fiastra Nordic Walking Park, entirely realized inside the Nature Reserve. An itinerary surrounded by nature, along the banks of the river Fiastra, going from Petriolo Castle to the Nature Reserve of the Abbey of Fiastra.


In Petriolo, you can even play golf!

The golf course is set in the suggestive landscape of Valle del Fiastra, just a few minutes far from the oldtown.

Sports association: ASD Sibilla Golf

Address: via San Marco 30, 62014 Petriolo (MC)
Website: www.sibillagolf.it
Facebook: Sibilla Golf
Phone: +39 3357224666